Christadelphians don’t have any formal organisation or structure, (no ministers, vicars or priests for example), so you won’t find that here.  What you will find is some information about a few of the people who come to our church.  We hope you’ll want to join us.
My name is Andrew and I go to Church every Sunday in Dronfield. My faith is very important in my life and I enjoy the experience of learning more about God.
I live in Derbyshire and have been married for 25 years, with two grown up sons, both in University.

Currently I work for the NHS and specialise in Charity Finance, which helps me to volunteer as a School Chair of Governors and a Trustee for local Charities, (Young Carers, Mental Health and Youth), which all helps with our Church Sunday School.

I’m Rose and I love going to the Christadelphian Church – it’s so friendly and welcoming, and I always feel valued, included and uplifted when I go. Plus there are lots of activities and things going on where I can get involved.

I’m a a gardener, which means I visit a variety of private people’s gardens to weed, cut the grass, trim hedges etc. Sometimes I even get to design and/or plant up gardens.

I like practical things and try to learn something new every year. So far I’ve had a go at Felting, pottery, embroidery, western horse riding, soap making among others. On my list of things to have a go at are wood carving and crochet.

Hi, my name is Nathan, and I am a member of the Christadelphian Church in Dronfield. I enjoy spending time with my family, looking after my garden, running and rock climbing with my mountaineering club.

Myself, my wife Lauren, and our two children Ellie and Isaac have been members of Dronfield Christadelphian Church for 9 years. Lauren is a Sunday School teacher and I enjoy getting involved in the organisational side of the church.

There is a full programme of activities every year with plenty of opportunities to get involved in, from weekly Bible classes to craft events and regular walks in the countryside. Going to church each week and being with like-minded family and friends is very important to me. My passion in life is for learning God’s word the Bible and trying to live a life devoted to worship to God.

I’m Lynda and I’ve being going to church for nearly 65 years now! I’m particularly pleased to have been one of the founders of the Dronfield Christadelphian Church.

I was one of eight children growing up with 4 brothers and 3 sisters so not surprisingly I’m very much a family person, and it is really nice that one of my two daughters still lives near me and comes to the church with her husband. I feel very close to everyone else who comes to the church too — they really are like a second family to me.

Not only that, I also like to get involved helping those who are more needy, and this includes knitting jumpers and cardigans for relief agencies. My favourite Bible passages are Isaiah 53 & 55


“A fantastic ecclesia, full of dedicated, hardworking members. Breaking of Bread and Bible Hour services are a joy to attend and there are always other activities to hand that the whole family can get involved with. We look forward to revisiting Dronfield Christadelphians. ”

JAMES WILKINS, Barton Under Needwood


A First Principal Bible Discussion

Each Sunday morning we hold a “Bible Hour” (actually only 45 minutes!) that is aimed at exploring  looking at what the Bible has to say on various practical topics.  Bible Hour is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about God.

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Breaking Of Bread

Remembering Jesus Christ

Every Sunday our members meet to remember Jesus Christ by breaking bread and drinking wine, as he commanded his disciples shortly before his death.

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Studying Scripture

During term time we hold a Sunday School on alternate Sundays.  This is an opportunity for children to learn Bible stories and positive Bible-based values. All children aged three and above are welcome to come along.

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This is held throughout the year on alternate Wednesdays in the homes of some of our members.  Bible class is held as an opportunity for us to read and study a range of Bible subjects in greater depth.

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